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Unformatted text preview: cells in a spreadsheet. 26. List out the four commonly used types of cell data found in a spreadsheet along with the need for each type. 27. Differentiate between relative and absolute cell addresses in a spreadsheet. Explain the need for these two types of cell addresses. 28. Explain how a cell address can be made fully or partially absolute when used in a formula. 29. List out some of the formatting features supported in a modern spreadsheet package. 30. Explain about the graphics feature of modern spreadsheet packages. How is it useful? 31. List out five commands that are likely to be present in a spreadsheet package. Explain the use of each command. 32. What is a graphics software? List out some of the features normally supported in a graphics software. 33. What is the major difference between the paint and the draw features of a graphics software? 34. What is a CAD system? List out some of its typical uses. 35. Differentiate between vector graphics and raster graphics. Give their relative advantages and disadvantages. 36. What is a bit-mapped image? Why is it so called? 37. Explain how the following features of a graphics software are useful: (a) Present graphs (c) Import objects (b) Drag-and-drop objects (d) Screen capture 38. What is a personal assistance package? List out some of the features normally supported by it. Explain the usefulness of each of these features. 39. Write short notes on: (a) Spreadsheet package (b) Graphics package 40. Write short notes on: (a) Computer Aided Design (CAD) (b) Vector graphics (c) Raster graphics (c) Word-processing package (d) Personal assistance package 41. Write short notes on the following features of a word-processing package: (a) Word-wrap (e) Page formatting (b) Text editing . (f) Text formatting (c) WYSIWYG (g) Search-and-replace (d) Print preview (h) Import text, graphics and image 42. Write short notes on the following facilities provided by some advanced word-processing packages: (a) Spell checking (b) Grammar and style checking (c) Mail-...
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