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Unformatted text preview: dely used. In this section, we will briefly describe some popular high-level languages. Our primary objective here is to provide some insight into these languages rather than to provide detailed knowledge required to write programs in these languages. Why So Many High-level Languages? Since high-level languages are machine independent, you must be wondering why so many high-level languages were developed, and why many of them are in use today, instead of developing and improving just one good high-level language. For an answer to this question, recall that one of the objectives of high-level languages is that they should be easier to learn and use by the intended users. Computer programs are written to solve a very diversified class of problems, such as, systems-related problems, scientific and engineering problems, business and commercial problems, graphics problems, etc. The language statements and notations used in a particular problem domain may be quite different from those used in other problem domains. If we try to incorporate all types of statements and notations for solving all classes of problems in a single high-level language, the features of that high-level language will become too vast and difficult to master. Such a language will be very difficult to learn and use. Moreover, designing an efficient compiler for such a language will also be a very tedious task. Hence it is more logical to have different high-level languages for different problem domains. The statements and notations used in a particular high-level language are especially picked up to be useful for solving particular types of problems. For example, a""scientist using a science-oriented language can use scientific formulae, and a businessman with a business-oriented language can use business terms. This makes a high-level language, for a particular problem domain, easier to learn and use by the users dealing with problems in that problem domain. Hence today many different high-level languages exist and are...
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