What is an internet service provider isp how does it

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Unformatted text preview: ty found in traditional desk-top browsers. Questions 1. What is the Internet? How did it evolve? 2. List out three main characteristic features of the Internet that may be used to define it. 3. Name some of the basic services provided by the Internet. Explain how each of these services helps the Internet users. 4. In what manner is e-mail service similar to postal mail service? In what manner are the two different from each other? 5. List out some of the advantages and disadvantages of e-mail service against fax service. 6. List out some of the advantages and disadvantages of e-mail service against telephone service. 7. What is an electronic mail (e-mail)? Why is it preferred by many to paper mail, telephone and fax services? 8. What is the file transfer protocol (FTP)? List out the steps involved in downloading/uploading a file by using the FTP service. '— 9. Explain how is it ensured that only authorized users can access resources of a remote computer in case of FTP and Telnet services. 10. Explain the difference between "downloading" and "uploading" of information. 11. List out some of the common uses of the telnet service offered by the Internet. 12. What is an anonymous FTP site? Why is it used? 13. What is a newsgroup? How is it useful? 14. Differentiate between moderated and nonmoderated newsgroups. 15. Answer the following questions: (a) How is a news group created? (b) How does a new member subscribe to a news group? (c) How does an old member unsubscribe to a news group? (d) How is a new message posted to a news group? (e) How is a message read from a news group? 16. What is meant by Internet surfing? Name some of the commonly used surfing tools. 17. What is hypertext? How is it useful? 18. Define the following terms with respect to the Internet: (a) HTML (d) Web client (b) HTTP (e) Web browser (c) Web server 19. What is a WWW browser? What types of navigation facilities are typically supported by modern browsers to help users save time while Internet surfing? 20. Differentiate between a line browser and a graphical...
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