What is computer video give a few examples to explain

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Unformatted text preview: ical use of each. 19. Name three output devices that may be used with a computer system to output graphics data. Describe a practical use of each of these devices. 20. Explain with suitable examples the difference between "Standard VGA" and "Extended Graphics" displays. 21. What is a painting/drawing software? Describe two uses of this software in creating multimedia applications. 22. What is a screen capture software? Describe a typical use of this software. 23. What is a clip ait? How does it help in the creation of multimedia applications? 24. What is meant by "graphics importing"? Explain how this feature helps in the creation of multimedia applications. 25. Name some of the common graphics file formats. 26. Write short note on: (a) Locating devices (b) Scanner (c) Digitizer (d) Plotter (e) Clip art (f) Graphics importing (g) Standard VGA display (h) Extended graphics (i) Painting/drawing software (j) Screen capture software (k) Software support for high-resolution graphics 27. What is computer animation? Give a few examples to explain its uses in multimedia applications. 28. Differentiate between "animation" and "video". Explain the difference with the help of few examples. 29. What is "virtual reality"? Describe a multimedia application that makes use of this technology. 30. A jerk-free full motion animation sequence is created of a set of images having a resolution of 640 x 480 and color depth of 24-b (i.e., 8 bits each for the R, G, and B components). Calculate the storage requirement for storing one second of this animation. 31. What is an animation creation software? Describe with the help of a typical example how this software can be used to create an animation sequence. 32. What is an animation clips library? How does it help in the creation of multimedia applications? 33. Name some of the common animation file formats. 34. Name some of the transition effects features that may be used to make animation more interesting. 3...
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