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Unformatted text preview: video? Briefly describe its main characteristic features. 91. Differentiate among the different types of encoded frames used in MPEG video. 92. Describe the steps involved in MPEG video compression. 93. Write short notes on: (a) MPEG-1 video (b) MPEG-2 video (c) MPEG-4 video (d) MPEG-2 audio 94. What is MPEG audio? Briefly describe the basic principle on which it works. 95. Describe the steps involved in MPEG audio encoding. 96. Describe the steps involved in MPEG audio decoding. 97. What is meant by multimedia synchronization? Explain the need for it in multimedia applications by giving suitable examples. 98. Describe the roles of temporal specification and temporal synchronization in multimedia synchronization. 99. Describe with suitable examples two approaches that may be used for temporal specification in multimedia synchronization. 100. Define the following terms in context of temporal synchronization of multimedia objects: (a) Playback schedule (e) Response time (b) Playback deadline (f) Set-up time (c) Retrieval schedule (g) Earliest playback time (d) Request time 101. What is the relationship among playback deadline, request time, and response time in context of multimedia synchronization? 102. Explain how the actual playback schedule of a set of multimedia objects can be obtained from their temporal specification. 103. Write the full form of the following: (a) MPC (i) HDTV (b) CAD (j) MPEG (c) NTSC (k) MIDI (d) MUSE (1) VGA (e) JPEG (m) SECAM (f) OCR (n) HD-MAC (g) CAM (o) VOD (h) PAL Chapter 20 Classification of Computers General purpose computers come in many sizes and capabilities. Traditionally, computers were classified by their size, processing speed and cost. Based on these factors, computers were classified as microcomputers, minicomputers, mainframes and supercomputers. However, with the rapidly changing technology, this classification is no more relevant. The problem is that computer technology is changing so fast that just after few months of introduction of a new computer in the market, new models of computers are introduced which hav...
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