When only a single proxy server interacts with the

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Unformatted text preview: unication protocols for communications between two computers on the network. 2. The four basic services provided by the Internet to its users are electronic mail, file transfer protocol, telnet, and usenet news. 3. The electronic mail service (known as e-mail in short) allows an Internet user to send a mail (message) to another Internet user in any part of the world in a nearreal-time manner. 4. The File Transfer Protocol service (known as FTP in short) allows an Internet user to move a file from one computer to another on the Internet. 5. The telnet service allows an Internet user to log in to another computer somewhere on the Internet. 6. The usenet service allows a group of Internet users to exchange their views/ideas/information on some common topic that is of interest to all the members belonging to the group. 7. There are several user-friendly tools that allow users to successfully navigate the Internet to find useful information. A few of the most popular of these tools are Gopher, Archie, and the World Wide Web (WWW). 8. The WWW uses a concept called hypertext. Hypertext documents on the Internet are known as Web Pages. Web Pages are created by using a special language called HyperText Markup Language (HTML in short), which is a powerful language for linking documents for easier electronic access and manipulation of documents. 9. To be used as a web client, a computer needs to be loaded with a special software tool that is known as a browser. Browsers normally provide several navigation facilities to help users save time when they are doing Internet surfing. 10. The three common types of browsers are line browsers, graphical browsers, and Java-enabled browsers. 11. An Internet search engine is an application available on the WWW that helps users locate the web sites containing useful information and references to such information. 12. Some of the important current strategic uses of the Internet are in on-line communication, software sharing, exchange of view...
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