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Unformatted text preview: ctly fed into the input device and automatically processed thereafter. Besides enabling faster processing of cheques, this technology also ensures accuracy of data entry because most of the information is pre-printed on the cheque and is directly fed to the computer. However, MICR has not been adopted by other industries because the currently supported character set has only 14 symbols (10 digits and 4 special characters). No alphabetic characters are available. Digitizer A digitizer is an input device used for converting (digitizing) pictures, maps and drawings into digital form foi storage in computers. For example, the JC and y coordinates of points in a drawing may be stored in digital form. This enables re-creation of the drawing from the stored information whenever required as well as easy incorporation of changes in the drawing as and when required. As shown in Figure 9.16, a digitizer consists of a digitizing tablet (also known as graphics tablet) associated wit! a stylus. The digitizing tablet is a flat surface that contains hundreds cf fine copper wires forming a grid. Each copper wire receives electric pulses. The digitizing tablet can be spread over a working table and is connected to a computer. The stylus is like a pen or a lens-like cursor with a cross-hair and button. The stylus is connected to the tablet and can be pressed down at a point on the tablet to input the (x, y) coordinates of the point. When the stylus is moved on the tablet, the cursor on the computer's screen moves simultaneously to a corresponding position on the screen to provide visual feedback to the operator. This enables the operator to draw sketches directly or to input sketched drawings very easily. Inputting drawings or developing sketches using a digitizer is further simplified by the fact that poorly sketched lines, arcs and other graphical objects are automatically input as mathematically precise objects, like straight lines and smooth curves. Digitizers are commonly used in the area of Computer Aided Design (CAD) by architects and engineers to design cars, buildings,...
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