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Unformatted text preview: tware package that you have to use by using its operation manual. WORD-PROCESSING PACKAGE What it is? Word-processing is a term that describes the use of hardware and software to create, edit, view, format, store, retrieve and print documents (written material such as letters, reports, books, etc.). A word-processing package enables us to do all these on a computer system. Commonly Supported Features Today's word-processing packages normally support the features described below. Entering Text A word-processing package allows you to enter text with the computer's keyboard. The text to be entered is typed on the keyboard. Every character typed gets immediately displayed on the computer's screen. While entering text, you need not worry about moving to the next line as your text approaches the end of the current line. The word wrap feature of word-processing software determines when the current line is full, and the text that follows is automatically moved to the next line. Since the software recognizes when to begin a new line and automatically moves words to the next line, the only time you have to press the Enter key is at the end of a paragraph. The word-wrap feature maintains the format of the lines of a paragraph continuously and automatically. This feature is very useful for people with fast typing speeds because they can go on entering text at their speed without the need to keep track of where to end a line. Editing Text This feature allows you to make changes in an already entered document. Changes that might have required extensive retyping a few years ago with a typewriter can now be made on the screen with a few keystrokes with a word-processing package. While editing, you can use either insert mode or typeover mode. In insert mode, new characters typed get inserted in the text at the position of the cursor. That is, characters to the right of the cursor move to the right to make room for the new characters as they are typed. In typeover mode, the new characters typed replace (type over) the existing characters at the position of the...
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