With so many applications available it is not

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Unformatted text preview: ion computer systems that want to exchange information. 2. Encoding the data to be transferred at the source computer in the right format. 3. Transferring the data from the source computer to the destination computer. 4. Decoding the received data at the destination computer. Communications software has been described in greater detail in Chapters 17 and 18. Application Software Application software is a set of one or more programs designed to solve a specific problem or do a specific task. For example, an application software for payroll processing produces pay slips as the major output and an application software for processing examination results produces mark sheets as the major output along with some other statistical reports. Similarly, a program written by a scientist to solve his/her particular research problem is also an application software. The programs included in an application software package are called application programs and the programmers who prepare application software are referred to as application programmers. There are literally millions of application software available for a wide range of applications ranging from simple applications such as word processing, inventory management, preparation «f tax returns, banking, hospital administration, insurance, publishing, to complex scientific and engineering applications such as weather forecasting, space shuttle launching, oil and natural gas exploration, design of complex structures like aircrafts, ships, bridges, sky-rise buildings, etc. With so many applications available, it is not possible to categorize them all and to cover them here. Hence just to have a feel of what application software does, some of the most commonly known application software are briefly described below. Word-Processing Software Word-Processing is a term that describes the use of computers to create, edit, view, format, store, retrieve and print documents (written material such as letters, reports, books, etc.). A word-processing software is an application software that enables the user to do all these on a computer system. The need to create documents is so commo...
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