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Unformatted text preview: open 24 hours and allows the customers to do purchases at the time they wish without leaving the comfort of their homes. Virus: A computer virus is a piece of code attached to a legitimate program that, when executed, infects other programs in the system by replicating and attaching itself to them. In addition to this replicating effect, a virus normally does some other damage to the system, such as corrupting/erasing files. Vision input system: An input device that allows a computer to accept input just by seeing an object. The input data in this case is normally an object's shape and features in the form of an image. Visualization: Deals with exploring data and information graphically for better comprehension. Voice recognition device: An input device that allows a person to input data to a computer system by speaking to it. Voice reproduction system: A voice response system that produces audio output by selecting appropriate audio output from a set of pre-recorded audio responses. Voice response system: An output device that enables a compute to talk to its users. Voiceband: Data communications system that handles moderate volumes of data, typically from 300 to 9600 bauds. Phone lines that we use to talk to other people is an example . Volatile storage: A storage medium that loses its contents in the event of power failure or when power is switched off. Web client: Any computer on the Internet that can access web servers. Web page: A hypertext document on the Internet, Web server: Any computer on the Internet that uses the HTTP protocol. Wide Area Network (WAN): A computer network which interconnects computers spread over a large geographical area. It may also enable LANs to communicate with each other. This type of network may be developed to operate nationwide or worldwide and the transmission medium used are normally public systems such as telephone lines, microwave and satellite links. Wildcard (character): A special character, usually a ? or a *, that is used in software commands as a generic reference to any character or any combination of characters, respectively. Winchester disk: Medium-sized, non-interchangeable metal disks permanently housed in sealed, contamination-free containers. Read/write heads are built-in with the disk. Window: A rectangular portion of a computer screen that is dedicated to spec...
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