Write short notes on a database models c components of

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Unformatted text preview: eric fields to make a report more meaningful and useful. Discuss this statement. Give an example to illustrate this. 50. What is a database schema? What all does it typically include about a database? 51. What are the jobs and responsibilities of a database administrator? 52. What is a data dictionary? How is it created/updated? 53. What is SQL? How is it useful? 54. List out in proper sequence the three basic steps involved in creating a database? Briefly describe these steps. 55. What are forms? List out some of the features that may be incorporated into a form to facilitate easier data entry. 56. What is a filter? Explain with an example. 57. List out the three commonly supported features in modern database systems that may be used for searching for desired information from a database. 58. Explain with an example how "Find" command can be used for making a database query? What are the limitations of "Find" command? 59. Explain with an example how a query language can be used for making a database query? What are the advantages of using a query language against "Find" command? 60. What is query by example (QBE)? How does it make the job of querying a database simpler? 61. A DBMS derives much of its power from the ease with which its users can search for the desired information from the large volume of data stored in a database. Discuss this statement. 62. What is a report? How is it created and used? Give an example of a sample report. 63. What is a multimedia database system? What are the typical requirements of multimedia database systems? 64. Discuss how the following requirements of multimedia database systems are different from that of conventional database systems: (a) Storage devices (c) Data manipulation (b) Data modeling (d) Database querying 65. What is content-based retrieval/querying (CBR/CBQ)? In what type of databases is this feature required an why? 66. What is derived data with reference to a multimedia database system? Why is it used? 67. Explain with an example...
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