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Unformatted text preview: of a customized software. 26. List out the relative advantages and disadvantages of creating a customized software in-house by an organization versus getting it created by another organization. 27. What is a turnkey solution? 28. List out the steps typically followed in the in-house development of a software package. 29. What is a shareware? What are the advantages and limitations of using a shareware? 30. List out the steps typically followed in developing a software and putting it to use. 31. What is software engineering? Why is it needed? 32. List out the main goals of software engineering. 33. List out the main principles of software engineering. Explain how each of these principles helps in achieving one or more goals of software engineering. 34. What is meant by modular structure of a software system? How does it help? 35. What is meant by abstraction in software systems? How does it help? 36. Why should software systems maintain uniformity in design, coding, documentation, etc.? How can uniformity be ensured? 37. What are CASE tools? Hew are they useful? 38. List out some commonly used CASE tools? Explain how each one of them is useful. 39. What is a source-code generator? How is it useful? 40. What is a source-code analyzer? How is it useful? 41. CASE tools are not the answer for every situation. Discuss. 42. Write short notes on: (a) Hardware (b) Software (c) Firmware 43. Write short notes on: (a) Types of software (b) Acquiring software (c) Software engineering (d) Software development steps (e) Relationship between hardware and software 44. Write short notes on: (a) System software (b) Application software (c) Principles of software engineering (d) Relationship among the hardware, system software, application software, and users of a computer 45. Write short notes on: (a) Utility programs (b) End-to-end solution (c) Shareware (d) CASE tools (e) Education software (f) Entertainment software (g) Communications software (h) Performance monitoring software 46. What is firmware and what is its importance to the computer system architect? 47. Why is firmware gaining popularity? 48. Differentiate among hardware, software, and f...
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