A example of left justified ragged right text the term

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Unformatted text preview: n appropriate font size. Font size is measured in points. A point is 1/72 of an inch, and the size refers to the distance from the top of the tallest character to the bottom of the character that extends the lowest (such as y, p or q). Different font sizes may be applied to different portions of the same document. For example, chapter heading, section heading and the running text of a document usually use three different font sizes. Figure 15.2 shows a few different font sizes. This sentence is written in Times New Roman font. This sentence is written in Helvetica font. This sentence-is written in Palatino font. This sentence is written in Courier New font. This sentence is written in Antique Olive font. 3. Selecting an appropriate font style. Commonly used font styles are italic, bold and underline. They are normally used to highlight individual words or phrases or portions of text in a document. Figure 15.3 illustrates their use in a document. This sentence is written in italic style. This sentence is written in bold style. This sentence is written in underline style. You can even make individual words italic, bold, or underline. 4. Selecting an appropriate justification. Justification is the alignment of text on the left or the right margin, or on both margins. In case of left-justification, beginnings of lines are aligned with the left margin of the pate. This style is also known as ragged right because the ends of lines at the right edge just end where the last word ends. In case of right-justification, ends of lines are aligned with both the right margin of the page. In case of full-justification all the lines are properly aligned with both the left and right margins of the page. A world-processing software accomplishes this by making micro adjustment of space between the words, and sometimes even between the characters on a line. In case of centerjustification of a particular line, it is placed at the center of a line with equal spacing both on its left and right ends. Center-j...
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