All of which can only indicate two states or

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Unformatted text preview: decimal numbers?' The reasons are as follows: 1. The first reason is that electronic and electrical components, by their very nature, operate in a binary mode. Information is handled in the computer by electronic/electrical components such as transistors, semiconductors, wires, etc. all of which can only indicate two states or conditions - on(l) or 6ff(0). Transistors are either conducting( 1) or nonconducting(O); magnetic materials are either magnetized( 1) or nonmagnetized(O) in one direction or in the opposite direction; a pulse or voltage is present(l) or absent(O) in wire. All information is represented within the computer by the presence or absence of these various signals. The binary number system, which has only two digits (0 and 1), is most suitable for expressing the two possible states. The concept of binary components is illustrated in Figure 5.1. 2. The second reason is that computer circuits only have to handle two binary digits rather than ten decimal digits. This greatly simplifies the internal circuit design of computers, resulting in less expensive and more reliable circuits. 3. Finally, the binary system is used because everything that can be done in decimal number system can also be done in binary number system. How this is achieved has been discussed below. Figure 5.1. Examples of devices that work in binary mode. These devices can only represent two states - on or off, which can represent 1 (yes) or 0 (no). BINARY ARITHMETIC In this section you will see how the four basic arithmetic operations are performed inside a computer using binary numbers. Actually, binary arithmetic is much simpler to learn because binary number system deals with only two digits - 0 and 1. So all binary numbers are made up of only O's and l's and when arithmetic operations are performed on these numbers, the results are also in O's and 1 's only. Addition Binary addition is performed in the same manner as decimal addition. However, since binary number system has only two digit...
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