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Unformatted text preview: f grid points into ASCII text that the computer can interpret as letters, numbers and special characters. To translate bitmaps into text, the OCR software examines the bitmap of each character and compares with the set of characters the machine has been programmed to recognize. Whichever character pattern it matches, or near matches, is considered to be the character read. If a scanned character does not match satisfactorily with any c the already stored character patterns, it is rejected. OCR software is extremely complex, because it is difficult to make a computer recognize an unlimited number (typefaces and fonts. Hence these software are designed to recognize texts that are written using standard type. fonts (called OCR fonts). Two such standard fonts are OCR-A (American standard) and OCR-B (Europea standard). OCR-A and OCR-B fonts are shown in Figure 9.10. and Figure 9.11. respectively. Note that if tl document contains italics or bold face letters, or fonts other than that for which the OCR software has bee designed, the OCR software will not work effectively. So far, OCR devices work reliably only for printed text. However, attempts are also being made these days to use OCR devices for recognizing handwritten characters. In this case, special care has to be taken to ensure that in the handwritten document, characters are of standard size, lines making up the characters are connected, and no stylish loops etc. are used. There is yet no successful OCR software to fully convert handwritten text into ASCII. The main reason behind this is that everyone's handwriting is different and the parameters for how individual characters are formed are very broad. In fact, programming a computer to recognize handwriting is so tough that it may be several years before computers can read most handwriting accurately. The difficulty in teaching computers to recognize handwritten documents can be understood by the fact that the handwriting of many individuals is almost illegible to other individuals, especially if it is examined letter by letter. In such cases we t...
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