B how does a new member subscribe to a news group c

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Unformatted text preview: s on topics of common interest, posting of information of general interest, product promotion, feedback about products, customer support service, on-line journals and magazines, on-line shopping, and world-wide video conferencing. 13. The four basic ways to get connected to the Internet are: direct/leased-line connection, remote-dial-up connection, SLIP/PPP connection, and commercial online service. 14. The next generation Internet Protocol (popularly known as IPV6) has been developed to address the limitations of the current Internet Protocol (IPV4). The key features of IPV6 are large address space to ensure that the world will not run out of IP addresses; flow labeling and priority concepts to support real-time services; better security features for secure business transactions; enhanced routing capability to support mobile hosts; and provision for anycast addressing autoconfiguration and improved packet header format. 15. An Intranet is a network that connects the computers and networks within an organization by using the hardware and software that is used on the Internet. Typically, it uses the TCP/IP protocols and server and browsers software used for the Internet. 16. For security reasons, organizations often use a. proxy server, which is a computer system that is specially configured to allow other computers of an organization to interact with the Internet through it. When only a single proxy server interacts with the Internet, security can be easily maintained because the single server can be kept more secure than hundreds of individual computers on a network. 17. Internet telephony refers to the use of the public Internet for voice transmission. It enables the subscriber of an Internet service to use his/her computer to make long-distance calls. 18. Microbrowsers are browsers meant for use with Internet-enabled mobile devices. They are designed to work with small, resource-restricted hand-held* devices by, for example, eliminating or reducing the functionali...
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