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Unformatted text preview: ke electronic commerce, virtual libraries, virtual classrooms, distance education, etc. emerged during the period. The tremendous processing power and the massive storage capacity of the fifthgeneration computers also made them a very useful and popular tool for a wide range of multimedia applications, which deal with information containing text, graphics, animation, audio, and video data. In general, the data size for multimedia information is much larger than plain text information because representation of graphics, animation, audio, or video media in digital form requires much larger number of bits than that required for representation of plain text. Because of this, multimedia computer systems require faster processor (for more quickly processing large amount of data), larger storage devices (for storing large data files), larger main memory (for running programs with large data size), good graphics terminals (for displaying graphics, animation and video), and input/output devices required to play any audio or video associated with a multimedia application program. The availability of multimedia computer systems resulted in a tremendous growth of multimedia applications during the fifth-generation period. In the area of operating systems, some of the concepts that gained popularity during the fifth-generation period include microkernels, multithreading, and distributed operating systems. Microkernel technology allows operating systems to be modeled and designed in a modular fashion. This makes operating systems easier to design and implement, easier to modify or add new services, and also allows those users who do not like a particular service provided by the operating system to implement and use their own service. Multhithreading technology is a popular way to improve application performance through parallelism. In traditional operating systems the basic unit of CPU utilization is a process, but in multithreading operating systems the basic unit of CPU utilization is a thread- In these operating systems, a process consists of an address space conta...
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