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Slide 4 acontinuousrandomvariable s

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Unformatted text preview: ke on the values 0, 1, 2, . . . We can count the customers arriving, but there is no finite upper limit on the number that might arrive. Slide 4 A continuous random variable s A continuous random variable can assume any value in an interval on the real line or in a collection of intervals. EX. MTS electronics sells speaker cable by the foot. x= number of feet of cable purchased The random variable x can take on an infinite number of values. For example: 50, 50.5, 50.25, 50.125, ….. 0 < x < ? Slide 5 Random Variables Random Variable x Type Family size x = Number of dependents reported on tax return Discrete Distance from home to store x = Distance in miles from home to the store site Continuous Own dog or cat x = 1 if own no pet; = 2 if own dog(s) only; = 3 if own cat(s) only; = 4 if own dog(s) and cat(s) Discrete Question Slide 6 5.2 Discrete Probability Distributions s s s s The probability distribution for a random variable describes how probabilities are distributed over the values of the random variable. The probability distribution is defined by...
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