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Art history 1 - never-ending dark landscape with grey...

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Russell Barton ARTH 157 Noble Sir, I an excited to begin the altarpiece for your private chapel. As you may know, my works are grand in scale, and yours will be nothing less; perhaps 17 feet wide by 8 feet high if that suits your need. I envision this altarpiece as an unfolding oil painting on wood, with both sides of the doors completed. Inside would depict the Deposition scene, with Jesus limp and cold, Mary Magdalene, and St. John the Evangelist, among others. The setting will be in front of the cross, with the background as a seemingly
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Unformatted text preview: never-ending dark landscape with grey, ominous skies. Even with this gloom, the light will appear as if it is coming from overhead, a white beam on Jesus’ head, illuminating and bringing to life the faces and garb of the subjects. I want the space to be confined in the foreground, yet leaving some gaps as to reveal the desolate background. I hope this brief description instills confidence in my idea, and I look forward to beginning this masterpiece. Sincerely, Russell van der Weyden...
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