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Russell Barton ARTH 154 Section 22 Old College is perhaps the University’s most grand building. The symmetry, starting at the iron gates on Main Street, proceeding down the brick path and the identical landscape on either side, all the way up the stairs and encompassing the entire building is almost perfect. Standing at the beginning of the brick pathway, you notice all the orthogonal lines incorporated into the exterior, including the staircase, and the fluted columns. It’s a mix of Greek and colonial
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Unformatted text preview: architecture. The interior of Old College is just as unique. One of the only buildings to have wood stairs, and dark wood accents throughout, it gives off a noble, yet warm feeling inside. One is forced to think about the history of Old College as you pass through the halls, with its high ceilings and strange court house feeling. The stairways are narrow, and the architecture doesn’t follow the same rules as the buildings built after it....
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