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Unformatted text preview: from)iden1ty. Dissocia0on'can'serve'as'a psychological'escape'from'an overwhelmingly'stressful'situa0on. A'dissocia;ve'disorder'refers)to dysfunc1on)and)distress)caused)by chronic)and)severe)dissocia1on. Dissociative Amnesia: Loss'of'memory'with'no'known'physical'cause; inability'to'recall'selected'memories'or'any'memories Dissociative Fugue “Running'away”'state;'wandering'away'from'one’s life,'memory,'and'iden0ty,'with'no'memory'of'these Dissociative Identity Disorder (D.I.D.) Development'of'separate'personali0es Dissocia;ve'Iden;ty'Disorder'(D.I.D.) formerly,“Mul7ple,Personality,Disorder” In the rare actual cases of D.I.D., the personalities: are distinct, and not present in consciousness at the same time. may or may not appear to be aware of each other. Alterna;ve'Explana;ons for'D.I.D. Dissocia0ve'“iden00es” might'just'be'an'extreme form'of'playing'a'role'in fantasy<prone'people. D.I.D.'in'North'America might'be'a'recent'cultural construc0on,'similar'to'the idea'of'being'p...
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