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Unformatted text preview: abies'develop'the disorder. Gene0cs'may differen0ate''these'2 percent. Research'shows'many genes'linked'to schizophrenia,'but'it may'take environmental factors'to'turn'on these'genes. Understanding'Schizophrenia Are'there psychological causes? SocialPsychological Factors Research'does'not'support'the'idea that'social'or'psychological'factors (such'as'paren0ng)'alone'can'cause schizophrenia. However,'there'may'be'factors'such as'stress'that'affect'the'onset'of schizophrenia. Un0l'we'find'a'mechanism'of causa0on,'all'we'may'have'is'a'list'of factors'which'correlate'with increased'risk. Predic;ng'Schizophrenia: Early'Warning'Signs Social/psychological factors which tend to appear before the onset of schizophrenia: early separation from parents short attention span disruptive OR withdrawn behavior emotional unpredictability poor peer relations and/or solitary play Biological factors which tend to appear before the onset of schizophrenia: having a mother with severe chronic schizophrenia birth complications, including oxygen deprivation and low birth weight poor muscle coordination Module'51:'Dissocia;ve, Personality,'and'Ea;ng'Disorders Other Disorders Dissocia0ve Disorders Ea0ng Disorders Culturally< bound Disorders Personality Disorders Dissocia0ve Disorders Examples: Dissocia;on'refers)to)a)separa1on)of conscious)awareness)from)thoughts, memory,)bodily)sensa1ons,)feelings, or)even)...
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