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Unformatted text preview: l&be&talking&to Jill'Price,'pa7ent'“A.J.” someone&and&[also]&seeing something&else….” Another&possible&problem&if&we&were&unable&to forget:&we&might&not&focus&well&on&current&s/muli because&of&intrusive&memories. The'Brain'and'the'TwoCTrack'Mind: Patient H.M. Patient The'Case'of'Henry'Molaison'(“H.M.”) Henry Gustav Molaison (1926 - 2008) The'Brain'and'the'TwoCTrack'Mind: Patient H.M. The'Case'of'Henry'Molaison'(“H.M.”) • After a bicycle accident at age 7, suffered from intractable epilepsy (***wear your helmets!***) • Suffered from partial seizures for many years • Epilepsy was localized to the medial temporal lobe (MTL) bilaterally • At age 27, in an attempt to control his epilepsy, H.M. underwent a resection of his MTL on both sides • Hippocampus was removed bilaterally, in addition to adjacent areas • From thereon, H.M. suffered severe anterograde amnesia, with a degree of retrograde amnesia (~1-3 years) 'The'Two'Types'of'Amnesia Retrograde'amnesia refers&to&an&a...
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