M suffered severe anterograde amnesia with a degree

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Unformatted text preview: Would there&be&any&problems? If&we&remembered&everything, maybe&we&could&not&priori/ze&the important&memories. We&might&have&difficulty&thinking abstractly&and&making connec/ons&if&our&brain&was devoted&to&compiling&isolated&bits of&informa/on. What&leads&to&forgefng? • brain&damage • encoding&failure • storage&decay • retrieval&failure • interference • mo/vated&forgefng “ForgeSulness'is'a'form'of'freedom.” Khalil'Gibran Jill&Price&(b.&1965)&has hyperthymesia;&she&not&only&recalls everything,&but&is&unable&to&forget anything. For&Jill,&both&the&important&and&the mundane&are&always&accessible, forming&a&“running&movie”&of images&and&informa/on&that&run simultaneously&with&current&s/muli. She&has&said,&“I’l...
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