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Unformatted text preview: Fer retrieved'underwater. Part&of&the&web&of associa/ons&of&a memory&is&the&context. What&else&was&going&on at&the&8me&we&formed the&memory? We'retrieve'a'memory more'easily'when'in'the same'context'as'when we'formed'the'memory. &Did&you&forget&a psychology&concept? Just&sifng&down&and opening&your&book might&bring&the&memory back. StateCDependent Memory Our&memories&are&not&just linked&to&the&external context&in&which&we learned&them. Memories&can&also&be&/ed to&the&emo7onal'state'we were&in&when&we&formed the&memory. MoodCcongruent'memory refers&to&the&tendency&to selec8vely&recall&details that&are&consistent&with one’s&current&mood. &This&biased&memory then&reinforces&our&current mood! Memories'can'even'be'linked to'physiological's...
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