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Russell Barton Geog 203 Section 023 Newark Field Project #2 At the right of Alison Hall, there is a lonely bench on a side path that runs parallel, but is invisible to the Green. Here I can sit with few interruptions, in actually a nicely wooded area on campus. I chose to do this observation at night, because this area seems to come to life when the sun goes down. Immediately upon sitting, one can here the sound of bugs calling in the trees behind the bench. This incessant call seems to continue for hours, playing in ten second intervals. After that call had faded, one begins to notice the sound of what seems like the rustling of a tree, which is soon realized to be a distant sprinkler. In addition, sporadically you will hear a voice or laughter, or even the hum of bicycle tires on the pavers, which are all dull at a distance, but then seem to completely engulf you as they pass by. An orange lamp to the right of the bench illuminates an area about 20 feet in diameter around the bench in a warm orange glow. Its reflection on the leaves shows that the leaves are
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Unformatted text preview: almost vibrating, due to the lack of wind. To the observer’s distant right is a blue light at the base of a large maple, illuminating the underside of its leaves, providing a full-moon lighting effect if one were to stand upside down. The immediate area around the bench was scattered with dead leaves and dirt, some of which had to be brushed away just to sit on the bench. The bench almost feels natural in this environment, being worn and made of probably the same wood that was standing in front of it. Although still faint, the smell of fall has begun to roll in. With the slight breeze, one can smell the odor of rotting leaves and moist soil. This almost always brings a warm sensation over my body, signaling that a change is happening, both in the environment, as well as in my age. The fall has many memories associated with it, and this smell more than anything else triggers a flood of emotions within my core....
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