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Russell Barton 11/10/06 Unit 3-Movie Review Requiem for a Dream While some viewers may be disturbed by the upfront visuals of drug usage and explicit sex scenes in Requiem for a Dream, others believe it is one of the most in-depth and unique views into the twisted lives of some of the nations youth. Shown through the eyes of four main characters, the film bounces between separate stories, while occasionally making connections in order to show the true digress of all involved. First written by Hubert Selby as a novel in 1978, Requiem was later directed by Darren Aronofsky and produced by Eric Watson and Palmer West in 2000. Aronofsky was a relatively unknown director, having only directed a movie called “Pi” prior to Requiem. However, with its complex storyline and professional, smooth directing, Requiem for a Dream is the kind movie that gives a director instant respect and success, no matter how unknown he or she is. Among many complex features of this film, Aronofsky’s depiction of mood in accordance to the time of year an event occurs is subtle, yet adds to why this film is so independent of others. The use of seasons to symbolically express the character’s lives may be missed by the casual viewer; however, when divided into three sections, summer, fall and winter, the plot follows the moods associated with seasons almost exactly. By the time winter has arrived, all of the character’s lives have ended in one way or another, and the true impact of their actions is finally realized. Beginning in the summer, the film first depicts all of the characters current
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Requiem - Russell Barton Unit 3-Movie Review Requiem for a...

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