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Russell Barton Geog 203 Section 023 Newark Field Project #1 Starting at the Korner Diner, one immediately notices that this is one of the most unique buildings on Main Street. Made entirely of shiny metal, probably aluminum, and containing all round edges, the resemblance to a 50’s trailer home is undeniable. This restaurant would be considered contemporary by the standards of most Main Street buildings, but almost historical if placed anywhere outside of its current location. Next to the diner, Main Street Florist is an example of a more historical building. Not overly updated, the outside bricks are a worn yellow, and the apartments above look old and weathered. In front of the florist is an antique style planter, one with wooden slats for walls, and steel braces on the outside, meaning it was probably hand made somewhere, most likely in the 60’s or 70’s. Crystal Concepts in a more mixed building, with older style bricks on the first floor,
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Unformatted text preview: and vinyl siding on the second. Next to Crystal Concepts is a very contemporary sculpture, made entirely of metal. This rotating intricate sphere stands out amongst the brick bases of most of the buildings, just as it was probably intended to do. Formal Affairs, a primarily tuxedo shop looks like it was once entirely a house or apartment. You can see from the other side of the street that the entrance and first ten feet or so of the shop was added fairly recently. The style of the wood, horizontal on the main building and vertical on the addition, and the fact that there are no bricks, makes one believe that this shop is newer than most of Main Street. The Main Street Plaza has possibly the most historic feel, with the entirely brick composition and antique white roof. However, the addition of neon lights for the bank entrance and ATM take away from the antique feel, and add a contemporary or even degrading appearance on such a building....
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