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Russell Barton ARTH 154 022 Section 6 Being a Dutchman enjoying a little taste of prosperity, I chose to buy a piece of artwork for my home. I tend to enjoy hosting parties, so I wanted to buy a work that represented my lifestyle. Nothing brings down a festivity better than a landscape with cows in it! Therefore, after browsing the merchant’s selection, I chose Adriaen Brouwer’s Interior with Singing Peasants. This oil painting represents the free loving, joyous times that occur in my abode. Naturally, it will be placed in my living room, within viewing distance of all my guests above the fireplace. When we are all sitting around the living room table, it is nice to look up and see the liberal use of wine and friendship in a place similar to mine. The
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Unformatted text preview: fact that my guests and I are of slightly higher class than the peasants depicted reminds us that every once in a while we share the same pastimes and relax in similar ways. I particularly enjoy this work because the room they are in seems to be in shambles and the subjects are hardly idealized, yet each adult looks joyous as one plays an instrument and the others sip from their cups or refill. In contrast for example, Steen’s Topsy-Turvy World only depicts joy through the three centermost subjects, while one on the left is asleep, and two and the right are reading a book. This was the exact opposite of what I wanted my guests to do, and therefore wasn’t a viable option to purchase for my living room....
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