Time Value Of Money

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Unformatted text preview: nitial catalyst, royalties, and startup. Can be added. 7 ChBE 4505/4525 Schork L7 (Fixed Capitals Investment in T22.17 = Total Permanent Investment in T22.9) 8 ChBE 4505/4525 Schork L7 Method 3. Preliminary Estimate (Method of Guthrie) Optimal design has been developed Mass & NRG balances, equipment sizing Selection of materials Development of controls (P&ID) Accuracy +/‐ 30% Need: f.o.b. cost of each piece of equipment (CP) Use individual factors For installation & other capital costs Instead of overall Lang Factor CTCI CTPI CWC 1.18(CTBM Csite Cbuildings Coffsite facilities ) CWC No royalties or startup CSite as before 1020% of CTBM grass roots 4‐6% of CTBM addition to complex 9 ChBE 4505/4525 Cbuildings Process buildings Process housed: 10% of CTBM Nonprocess buildings Addition: 5% of CTBM Grass roots: 20% of CTBM Coffsite facilities Utilities from T22.12 Other facilities Factor of 1.18 Working capital 15% of CTCI Or 17.6% of CTPI 5% of CTBM Contingency & contractor fee 10 Schork L7 ChBE 4505/4525 Schork L7 Method of Guthrie Step by Step Step 1 Prepare an equipment list Title, label, size, material, temperature, pressure Step 2 Add to list, the CPb and Ib for each item in 1 CPb is for low pressure, carbon steel Step 3 Update each cost to the current cost index For each piece of equipment determine Bare‐module cost using FBM from Table 22.11 Adjusted by Guthrie (1974) factors I CBM CPb FBM Fd Fp Fm 1 Ib FBM = bare‐module factor Fd = equipment design factor Fp = pressure factor Fm = material factor 11 ChBE 4505/4525 Schork L7 Step 4 Obtain total bare‐module cost, CTBM by summing Bare‐module costs for all pieces of equipment Step 5 Use CTCI CTPI CWC 1.18(CTBM Csite Cbuildings Coffsite facilities ) CWC To estimate Total Permanent Investment And Total Capital Investment 12 ChBE 4505/4525 Schork L7 End of L7 13...
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