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Unformatted text preview: ary treatment pH Removal of color, odor, metals Solid wastes Sedimentation, clarification Aerobic digestion Landfill? 7 Schork L9 ChBE 4505/4525 Schork L9 Labor‐Related Operations Direct wages & benefits (DW&B) Number of operators: Table 23.3 Supervisory & engineering salaries & benefits $60,000 / (operator/shift)‐yr Technical assistance $65,000 / (operator/shift)‐yr Control lab DW&B, $/yr = (operators/shift) (5 shifts) X (2080 hr/yr‐operator) ($/hr) 15% of DW&B 8 ChBE 4505/4525 Maintenance MW&B Supervision M&S 3.5‐5.0% of CTDC 25% of MW&B 100% of MW&B Overhead 5% of MW&B OR Total maintenance 8.05 – 11.5% of CTDC Operating Overhead 22.8% of M&O‐SW&B M&O‐SW&B = maintenance & operations salary wages and benefits Cafeteria, HR safety, purchasing, warehousing, etc. 9 Schork L9 ChBE 4505/4525 Schork L9 Property Taxes & Insurance Property taxes Insurance 1‐3% of CTDC 0.5‐1.5% of CTDC OR, combined: 2.0% of C...
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