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Russell Barton ARTH 154 3/6/08 The first photograph of Hillary Clinton shows her as a very still character. I would assume they wanted her to look concrete as to represent a dependable, trustworthy, ever- present figure in the then upcoming election. The setting is fairly plain, with beige walls, a beige chair and she even has beige skin to match. She seems to be kneeling behind and supporting herself on the chair, and the visibility of only her upper half further displays a formal, disciplined pose. The painting displays a much more relaxed Mrs. Clinton. Her legs are crossed and
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Unformatted text preview: her fingertips are just barely on the table, showing a certain motion in her stance. The setting is more relaxed as well, with a more colorful wall, and props such as the items on the table and the chair in no particular order or place. Her skin also has more color, showing more life in her face. The smile portrayed seems more like a laughing smile or happy smile rather than a 1-2-3 “SMILE” a photographer would ask for....
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