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appropriate structure introduction body conclusion

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Unformatted text preview: themes and issues raised in the question Quality of academic research - Appropriate number of references sourced from appropriate journals/ databases - Relevance of sources to your argument 35% 35% 10% Step 10 – understand where marks will be allocated (cont.) Appropriate structure (introduction, body, conclusion), Clarity of expression & grammar Correct format of in-text citations and bibliography using Harvard Harvard style Appropriate document formatting as per requirements on page 10 of the Course Outline and length (1,000 words +/- 10%) 5% 5% 5% 5% Step 11 – Create an essay plan Sections of an essay – Introduction – what is your answer (your argument), how are you going to answer the question – Body – present your evidence to support your argument – Conclusion – what is your answer? Start by writing your answer in 1 sentence DON’T USE HEADINGS IN THE ESSAY Step 11 cont. • Work in the word limit – 1000 words +/- 10% 150 words Conclusion 100 words BODY 750 words 750 words Introduction Step 12 – Write Draft 1 Where to start? – Get your ideas on paper – Avoid description – don’t repeat lists/ tables; don’t summarise the content of the article instead focus on the ARGUMENT of the article – Don’t just ‘connect the quotes’ – for a short essay you don’t need many (if any) quotes Step 13 – Re-draft and edit Draft 2 – fine tune structure Draft 3 – fine tune style Draft 4 - edit Step 14 – Don’t forget formatting (Course outline page 10) • • • • • • Use 11pt or 12pt font 2.5 cm left margin 1.5 line spacing Leave a line between each paragraph Number each page Student number and course code (MGMT 1001) to appear on every page page • Identical electronic copy submitted via the Course Website • Coversheet completed correctly and attached - coversheet available on course website • Use Harvard method for referencing - more information can be found on the ASB EDU website Step 15 – EDU Workshops Week 4 for Assignment 1 OR Week 10 for Assignment 2 Look out for an announcement on Blackboard / email with details of times and location Step 16 – Submit your assignment • Due WEEK 5 in YOUR tutorial or if you can’t attend the tutorial that day by 6pm in the Essay Box for the School of Organisation and Management (Ground floor ASB Building, or Level 5 West Lobby) • You MUST submit an identical copy of your assignment into TurnItIn prior to 6pm on the day of your tutorial • Late penalty – 10% per day (starts from 6pm on the day of your tutorial) • Course Outline page 9 gives details on circumstances and process for apply for an extension...
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