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Martin c siel organizational culture abd

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Unformatted text preview: ore values - May be identified in the Organisation’s MVV Types of sub-cultures – Enhancing – Orthogonal – Counter-cultural Source: J. MARTIN & C. SIEL, 'ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE ABD COUNTERCULTURE: AN UNEASY SYMBIOSIS,' IN ORGANIZATIONAL DYNAMICS, AUTUMN 1983, VOL. 12, NO. 2, PP.52-64. Take Home Lessons • The organisation’s environment (both internal and external) influences decision making in organisations • The external environment influences the boundaries of what an organisation can do, as well as providing opportunities and threats to their current processes • The internal environment provides the ‘unwritten’ rules about how things are done and what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour BREAK Week 3 Lecture: Part 2 Assignment 1 – Essay Step 1 – When is it due? How long? Due Week 5 in your tutorial 1000 words – 15% of final mark Type = Essay Any special requirements – YES – Need to use (at least) 2 of the listed references – Need to find 2 other ACADEMIC references – Formatting requirements Step 2 – Understand the question ESSAY QUESTION: “How have management theories and How ideas changed over time? What are the most important differences between then most (i.e., the 20th century) and now (i.e., the (i.e., 21st century)”. Step 2 cont. Break the question down into parts to help you understand... “How have management theories and ideas How changed over time? What are the most important differences differences between then (i.e., the 20th century) and now (i.e., the 21st century)”. Step 2. cont. An essay question has 2 parts: (1) Management theories and ideas over over time (2) What are the main differences? Step 3 – I need more information • Start with your lecture notes and the textbook – form YOUR preliminary position • Next review the 4 compulsory readings – What do they say? What is their argument/ position/ opinion? – What evidence do they present to support their argument? – Does their position matc...
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