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Management fashion academy of management review 21 1

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Unformatted text preview: h yours? Or is it different? How? – Select the 2 readings you are going to use in your essay Step 3 (cont.) the Compulsory articles Use a minimum of TWO (2) references from this list 1. Abrahamson, E. (1996). Management fashion. Academy of Management Review, 21, 1, 245-285. 2. Parker, L. D., & Ritson, P. (2005). Fads, stereotypes and management gurus: Fayol and Follett today. Management Decision, 43, 43, 10, 1335-57. 3. Kiechel, W. (2012). The management century. Harvard Business Review*, 90, 11, 62-75. (* This is an exception) 4. Rodrigues, C. A. (2001). Fayol's 14 principles of management then and now: A framework for managing today's organizations effectively. Management Decision, 39, 10, 880-889. Step 4 – Using the library databases to find the compulsory articles Use the SIRIUS search engine to find E-JOURNALS Step 5 – Reading to review/ Step select You need to read things more than once First reading – to find out what the author is arguing – Abstract – Introduction – Conclusion Step 6 – Decisions to be made No Is the article relevant? Is it on the topic? Read another article No Yes No No Does it support my initial position? Yes Yes Am I going to use it? Does it persuade me me to change my position? Yes Second reading Step 7 – Second reading (maybe third & fourth reading as well) • Read from the start of the article • Looking for knowledge/ insight – Why are they undertaking the study? – Do they agree / disagree? – What ‘evidence’ do they present? HINT: for THIS essay you do not need to focus on the method or empirical THIS results sections Step 8 – finding additional sources use find and use 2 additional ACADEMIC sources that are relevant from the following databases: ABI Inform; Business Source Premier, Web of Science, to support your analysis. (Course Outline pg 5) Use Use SIRIUS ‘FIND RESOURCES’ search function to access the required databases Q: What are Academic References? Step 9 – repeat steps 5, 6 and 7 Step 10 – understand where marks will be allocated (Course Outline page 5) Development of a consistent, clear and well-supported answer to the question Overall quality of analysis, thinking in terms of the key themes...
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