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Has unitarist functionalist view culture is acquired

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Unformatted text preview: forms of expression Organisational/ Corporate Culture Something an organisation has? has Unitarist/ Functionalist View - Culture is acquired by employees, and is given to its members when they join, they do not participate in its formation. is Something an organisation is? Culture is organic (evolutionary), it is difficult to manipulate. an organisation doesn’t have one dominant culture, rather organisations are are composed of numerous subcultures which may or not exist in harmony “Managers can influence the evolution of culture … but they can never control culture” (Morgan 1997) Something an organisation does? reflects common views about ‘how things are done around here’ or ‘the sum total of how an organisation accomplishes its purpose or mission” Pause & Reflect: Why is it important to know the difference? Organisational Organisational or Corporate Culture (Different Perspectives) Pause and Reflect: How did Corporate Culture come about? Where did it come from? Organisational/ Organisational/ Corporate Culture (Different Perspectives) Pause and Reflect: How did Corporate Culture link with Topic 2 (Org Structure) and Topic 8 (Strategic Management), and Topic 11 (HRM)? Flat Organisation Structure Tall Organisation Structure Physical structures Language Rituals & ceremonies Stories & legends Beliefs Beliefs Values Assumptions Artefacts of organisational culture Organisational culture Culture and Performance Does Culture affect corporate performance? Why is Culture important? What purpose it serve in an organisation? (Link this to Topic 11: HRM) Strong Organisational/ Corporate Culture – Control system – Social glue – Sense-making But can we ‘change’ an organisation’s culture? How do leaders influence cultural change? (Link this to Topic 10: Leadership) Dominant subDominant culture & sub-cultures - Another perspective of Corporate Culture A dominant culture refers to the culture that is espoused and promoted by the management - Expressed via the organisation’s artefacts and c...
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