1st English Formal Essay

1st English Formal Essay - Rohatgi Justin Cline-Bailey...

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Rohatgi Justin Cline-Bailey Professor Rohatgi English 102 10 September 2007 Cultural identity is an interesting idea. It is something that defines a person. Some people describe identity as something that “was fixed, derived from religion, caste, patrimony, and mother tongue”(Mukherjee 53). However, many people struggle to discover that identity. I myself have trouble defining my cultural identity. I am a first- generation American. Both my parents were born and met in Sierra Leone, Africa. So, I am an African, yet I am an American as well. This has led me to think very deeply about who I am and how I became who I am. I have realized that there are many things that have shaped me to become who I am today. Inheriting strong family values, experiencing different cultures, and learning from my parents are some of the many things that have helped realize my cultural identity. A few years ago, I traveled to Ghana, Africa. That trip was a very enlightening experience for me. Although both my parents are from Africa, I had never been there. I was shocked to discover the difference of Ghanaian culture from the American culture. First of all, the mentality was totally different. In America, life in general is very
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1st English Formal Essay - Rohatgi Justin Cline-Bailey...

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