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jcbizzle22: hey graemesmith18: sup jcbizzle22: hows college man graemesmith18: eh could be better graemesmith: u? jcbizzle22 : its all good This is an example of me conversing with a friend . He attends college in Ohio, while me in Indiana . How, you may ask? Instant Messaging, or IM for short. IM-ing is an online program that allows you to type messages to each other , like e-mail, but quicker and with a simpler interface . Instant messaging has been around since the 70’s, but since the introduction of the internet , instant messaging services such as ICQ and AOL Instant Messenger made it much more popular . The language written while instant messaging is a totally different one than used in formal language . An example can be found in Montana Hodgen , a 16-year-old student from New Jersey. After instant messaging for a period of time , she could barley differentiate between the two. “She said her ability to separate formal and informal English declined the more she used instant messages” (O’Connor) . Over time inhuman interaction has become instant. Throughout history we as humans have used many different ways of communicating , such as spoken word , written word, and the telephone This has allowed for interaction from people all around the world . While the world is getting “smaller” due to these Rohatgi 1
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advancements in technology , basic communication such as human interaction is becoming harder and harder for people , in America especially, to do. Due to recent inventions , such as the instant messaging and e-mail, it has become easier to interact with one another . One example of this is Text Messaging. Text Messaging is a term that is used for sending short messages from one cell phone to another using SMS (Short Message Service) . This type of communication was not initially popular when it first came out for commercial use . This was mostly due to the fact that at the time , text messaging was not very cost efficient. When cell phone companies started to integrate text messaging into plans
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English Research Paper - Rohatgi 1 jcbizzle22: hey...

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