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Kaleigh Brooks January 29, 2008 CJS 111-Online The Lynchings in Duluth Before reading the book The Lynchings in Duluth by Michael Fedo, I had very little knowledge about the incident. I don’t remember exactly what class it was, but I remember briefly being told about the lynchings in a high school class. But the details were sparse, and included not much more than the fact that three black men were taken from a Duluth jail by a white mob and were hung for raping a white girl. I never knew the gruesome details of how it all came to be, or how it all ended. It was probably a brief class lesson, perhaps mentioned in a textbook in a short three paragraphs, nothing else mentioned on the subject, no questions were asked. I can’t understand how this topic isn’t discussed more in junior highs and high schools, especially in Minnesota, where the horrific even took place. I would think that this would be a topic openly discussed to teach our youth today about the mistakes our previous generations have made. This is part of our history, and we need to accept that and learn from it. I have mentioned this book and story to many people since reading it, and several had no idea what I was talking about. They knew nothing of the incident, and were shocked by the story. I can only think of a few reasons of why this incident is not more widely
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known, especially in Minnesota. I think one of the main reasons this is, is because Duluth, and Minnesota as a whole, is ashamed of what happened. This is mentioned in the book, about how the lynchings would stain Duluth’s reputation forever. I believe that many people from Duluth have tried to forget about the incident entirely, pretend it never happened and erase it from their memory. Also, in the book it mentioned how there are almost no records of the incident anywhere in the entire state, that they have been
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Lynchings in Duluth - Kaleigh Brooks CJS 111-Online The...

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