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Career Research Assignment - To: Professor Mary Soroko...

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To: Professor Mary Soroko From: Date: March 18 th , 2008 Re: Career Research Assignment In this memo I have summarized the results of my career research findings. I have arranged this into three separate sections; the results of my MBTI assessment, the FOCUS career explorations, and my own library research. An occupation that I believe I am well suited for and will enjoy is a career as a hospital administrator. Hospital administrators have a very demanding job. They manage hospitals, outpatient clinics, hospices, and drug-abuse treatment centers. Administrators oversee day-to-day activities within the hospital, as well as plan budgets and keep up on constantly changing health technology. Critical skills involved with this career include leading and coordinating, organizing, and motivating, followed by speaking, money management, and conflict resolution. I feel that I can develop the skills I have as well as gain new skills to become proficient in this career. MBTI RESULTS According to my MBTI test, I am an ENFP. ENFP’s are enthusiastic, imaginative, appreciative, and flexible. ENFP’s tend to focus on the future, and see life full of possibilities. They focus decisions on personal values and can easily relate to people on their level. ENFP’s are also known to be project- oriented and put the needs of others above their own. They have amazing interpersonal skills, and can make people feel incredibly comfortable. They are easygoing and fun to work with. I feel that is a very accurate description of my true personality. I am most definitely an extrovert and see a bright future for myself and others. I feel like it is easy to relate to people from all different backgrounds and lifestyles, and tend to base my decisions on how it will affect others. In conflicting situations I often try to look at both sides of the argument, seeing both the pros and cons of each. I’m enthusiastic in everything I do, and pride myself in my work. I like to think that I am easygoing and fun to work with, and have to ability to make strangers feel like old friends. Hospital administrators are constantly working directly with other staff members of the hospital, and
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This note was uploaded on 04/10/2008 for the course COB 111 taught by Professor Soroko during the Spring '08 term at St. Cloud.

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Career Research Assignment - To: Professor Mary Soroko...

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