Mandys paper 03 compat - Mandy Graves Technology and...

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Unformatted text preview: Mandy Graves Technology and Society How Wind Energy Affects Society Whether you drive a Hummer, Honda Civic, or the Al Gore bandwagon, global warming is coming whether we believe its already here or not. At some point, there will be devastating climate change due to the burning of fossil fuels. The ice caps will melt due to rising temperatures which will cause an imbalance in the salinity of the ocean water which causes severe temperature changes leading to hurricanes… It’s just one bad thing after another. If you go back before the 1990s, gas was well under $1.00 per gallon. Now we curse as we pay over $3 per gallon to fill our tanks. More and more people are car pooling to work or taking a bus or subway. Hybrid and compact car sales are up and steady because of high fuel economy. Most every aspect of today’s economy relies on oil. Prices of oil are rising fast and affecting everyone including electricity, transportation, and every kind or manufacturing plant. Problem is, the world is running out of oil and fast. Even the largest oil field in the world is showing signs of having already peaked. As of 2006 there were no new discoveries of large oil reserves within the past two decades so there is little hope of future oil dependence. This means that we need to look into alternative energy sources, conserve as much energy as we can (turn out those lights!) and recycle what we have already created. Some environmentalists believe that it is necessary that we try to move away from oil dependence by using alternative energy sources. Every kWh created by wind power is a kWh that was not produced by burning coal or oil. Keeping this in mind, here a few facts about wind power generation. facts about wind power generation....
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Mandys paper 03 compat - Mandy Graves Technology and...

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