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I-Search Paper - Tattoos and Piercings What I Know I grew...

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Tattoos and Piercings What I Know I grew up in a more upper class household with a firm concentration on outer beauty. So, like most people who grew up in this type of environment, when I hit my mid-teenage years I started to rebel. I remember being fifteen and piercing my cartilage. Wow, was my mom mad! The older I got, the more into piercings I got, and then got into tattoos as well. As of today, I have ten piercings and two tattoos. Do they hurt? Sometimes. Do I regret getting them? Never. Looking at me, you may never guess that. I got my first tattoo within weeks of turning eighteen, and my second only eight months later. Every time I come home with something new, my mom cries. It’s not like I mean to make her cry, it’s just that tattoos and piercings are something that I absolutely love, and that’s why I wanted to write this paper on them. Since I already have tattoos and piercings, I do have some insight information on them. I know that it is important to take care of them, because if you don’t, you will be in more pain than you bargained for, along with having it look terrible. I know that many different people from different walks of life and social groups get both tattoos and piercings. I know that I want more, because the pain of both tattoos and piercings is addicting. People get tattoos for many reasons. One of mine is a memorial for one of my best friends who was killed in 2006. It helps me keep her with me all the time and ease the pain of the loss. My other tattoo is simply a freehand work of art. Some people get tattoos to represent a time of their life, others because it is simply a design that they like, and others still get them for religious meanings. Piercings, on the other hand, are usually just for cosmetic reasons, and that simply being.
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What I Want to Know The things that I know, though, are common knowledge. They are pieces of information that many people know about tattoos and piercings. I want to find out some deeper information. I want to know why tattoos and piercings became popular, because in previous decades they were definitely not popular in main stream society. What about society as a whole? How are these body modifications viewed? Is this just a fad of our generation? Will tattoos and piercings grow out of style, just like Ugg boots and leg warmers? How many people have tattoos and piercings? I know so many people who do, but how does it add up with the rest of the United States? How did body modifications start? Did someone one day just decide to poke a hole in their ear and be cool? These are the answers I am looking for, because who cares if I know how a tattoo
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