Si unit is kgm2 14 physics 1001 notes

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Unformatted text preview: tons cradle Elastic Collisions (general case) • Focus on a particular case where body B is at rest before the collision, i.e B is the target for body A to hit 10 Physics 1001 Notes • Collision of light/heavy, and equal masses Elastic Collisions (Relative Motion) • In a straight line- elastic collision of two bodies, the relative velocities before and after the collision have the same magnitude but opposite directions VA1 = −(VA 2 − VB 2 ) • o VA1 and VA 2 − VB 2 are relative velocities o This quantity changes sign in the collision VA1 − VB1 = −(VA 2 − VB 2 ) • Centre of Mass • • The centre of mass of a set of masses is; o A mass weighted position The velocity of the CoM is: o A particle of mass M at rCoM has a momentum...
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