Temperature is rooted in qualitative ideas of hot and

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Unformatted text preview: give CoM motion 2. Apply τ net = Iα to torques about the CoM, to give rotation about CoM KE is the sum of translational and rotational parts o K = K tran + K rot o 12 1 K = mvCoM + I CoM ω 2 2 2 Rolling without slipping • Example of rotation and translation: a whee; o Rolling (no slip) is motion to the right at VCoM o Plus rotation at w=VCoM/r Physics 1001 Notes • The net force and torque are both zero o Because aCoM= α z =0 o KE is K o o = K tran + K rot 12 1 K = mvCoM + I CoM ω 2 2 2 2 And using I CoM = Cmr and ω = vcom / r 1 2 §༊ K = m(1 + c )v CoM 2 o For a given shape a fixed ratio K rot = C =Factor in Mol K tran §༊ §༊ Independent of m and r values o Shapes with bigger Mol have bigger Krot/Ktran §༊ So they are slower down a ramp… Rotational work • In dynamics we have the Work- KE Theory o • • Wtot = ∫F net ⋅ ds = ΔK In the rotational case o Fnet ⋅ ds = Ftan ds = Ftan Rdθ o Since Frad is perpendicular to ds The work done by a net force is ∫F =∫F o...
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