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Unformatted text preview: potential energy Elastic potential Energy • • • • • The process of storing energy in a deformable body such as a spring or rubber band is known as elastic potential energy To move a spring from x1 to x2 we must do work on the spring 121 w = kx2 − kx1 (Work done on spring) 2 2 if we stretch the spring father we do positive work on the spring; if we let the spring relac while holding one end we do negative work on it 1 12 wel = kx12 − kx2 (Work done by spring) 2 2 Physics 1001 Notes • • • 1 Uel = kx 2 2 1 12 Wel = kx12 − kx2 = Uel,1 − Uel,2 = −ΔUel 2 2 The more the spring is compressed or stretched the greater its elastic potential energy Situations with Both Gravitational and Elastic Potential Energy • The work done by all forces other than the gravitational force or elastic force equals the change the total mechanical energy E=K + U of the system, where U=Ugrav + Uel is the sum of the gravitational potential energy and the elastic potential energy Conservative and Non- Conservative forces • • • • Conservative force; A force that offers the opportunity of two way...
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