Radians o arc length sr around a circle of radius r o

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Unformatted text preview: the force is constant then Fnet=Favg • Momentum and kinetic energy o Momentum/impulse depends on the time for which the force acts o KE/work depends on the distance the force acts over Physics 1001 Notes Collisions • • • • • • • • When a car and a truck collide they exert a force upon each other o These are called internal forces (equal and opposite by Newtons third law) o For the system of the car and a truck they do not produce a net force- the net force on the system is zero o Therefore momentum is conserved External forces- forces on the system particles from the outside Internal forces- forces the system particles exert on each other and occur in action/reaction pairs If force external is equal to zero then the momentum is constant Only a net external force changes the total momentum Momentum is always conserved in a collision o If all the forces in a collision are conservative §༊ Kinetic energy is also conserved §༊ Such a collision is called elastic o Inelastic collisions involve loss of kinetic energy Car crashes are inelastic collisions Elastic collisions include new...
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