Work the gravitational potential energy decreases

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Unformatted text preview: kinetic energy: o Wtot=K2- K1=∆K (work- energy theorem) Springs • • Fx=Kx o Where k is a constant called the spring constant (N/m) The observation that force is directly proportional to elongation is known as Hookes law Power • Power is the time rate at which work is done measured in watts (W) which is J/s Physics 1001 Notes Chapter 7: potential Energy and Energy Conservation Gravitational potential energy • • Energy associated with position is known as potential energy Gravitational potential energy refers to potential energy associated with a body’s weight and its height above the ground o Wgrav = Fs = w(y1- y2) = mgy1- mgy2 o Ugrav=mgy (gravitational potential energy o Wgrav=Ugrav 1 – Ugrav 2 = - ∆Ugrav o The negative sign is essential §༊ When a body moves up and y increases, the work done by the gravitational force is negative, and the gravitational potential energy increases (∆Ugrav > 0) §༊ When the body moves down and y decreases, the gravitational force does positive work, the gravitational potential energy decreases (∆Ugrav < 0) §༊ Like drawing mon...
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