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Topic Info for Research paper - Proposed Topic Studies of...

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Proposed Topic: Studies of Racial Profiling in Police Stops in Minnesota Research Statement: The topic that I have chosen for my research paper is racial profiling in police stops in Minnesota. This issue is ongoing in not only Minnesota, but across the United States as well as the entire world. Though Minnesota is a very diverse state and may not be considered a very racist state, racial profiling still is prominent throughout urban as well as rural communities. Racial profiling in police stops is an issue that needs to be taken a hold of. It has been occurring since the 1970’s, and in our modern and diverse society it is amazing that this is still a major issue today. Many people believe that racial profiling is right and okay to do. They may say to look at how the crime rate is split up among Whites and minorities; that it is obvious that minorities are behind the crime happening in today’s world. Rather, when you look at the blatant information being handed to the public, there is a definite issue concerning the treatment of minorities in traffic stops. If this was not a true issue, there would not be several years’ worth of research done about how many and why minorities were stopped by police, as well as statutes, bills, and laws concerning racial profiling. Within the research that I have already done and will continue to do, I plan to explain all sides of the racial profiling issue. I will define exactly what is racial profiling, and how it is affecting minority groups in Minnesota that are being targeted by police officers in traffic stops based on their race or
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Topic Info for Research paper - Proposed Topic Studies of...

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