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CJS111 syllabus - SCSU Continuing Studies D2L-Based CJS 111...

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SCSU Continuing Studies D2L-Based CJS 111: Crime and Justice in America Spring Semester 2008 with F. Barry Schreiber, Ph.D. [email protected] 320.308.4254 Welcome to this D2L-based offering of CJS 111: Crime and Justice in America! The textbook being used this semester is the core of the course, and is the most Internet-savvy criminal justice text available: Frank Schmalleger's Criminal Justice Today: An Introductory Text for the 21st Century (6th Edition), 2001. (Please note that although there are a 7 th , 8th and 9 th Editions of the Schmalleger text, I have chosen the 6 th Edition as the best fit and best value for this online class). ###Note: The 6 th Edition Schmalleger textbook and the Study Guide for the 6 th Edition may be bought used at any one of the three bookstores near campus, or by used booksellers online. Google “used textbooks” for sources, e.g. Amazon.com, Half.com if you have difficulty finding the 6 th Edition of Schmalleger locally. Some incredible bargains are available online for the 6 th Edition of Schmalleger. FYI, ten copies of the Schmalleger 6 th Edition textbook are available at the Reserve Desk of the Miller Learning Resources building on the SCSU campus. They may be accessed either by my name (Schreiber) or the misspelled author’s name ”Schmallen ger”. ###Note: We use the full length 6 th Edition of Schmalleger’s Criminal Justice Today textbook (about 750 pages), NOT the shorter (420 page) green covered Schmalleger 6 th edition (Criminal Justice – A Brief Introduction ). This D2L-based offering of CJS 111 is: * self-paced, and Web-based * complemented with content information from the D2L CJS 111 course site * not to be confused with the on-campus, large-lecture CJS 111 class which I teach in Ritsche Auditorium *not CJS 101, or the Continuing Studies CJS 101, because this course is MGM-approved (Multiculture, Gender and Minority), and fills an SCSU requirement for MGM courses. This course studies justice issues related to people of color, women, children and other groups. 1
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Goal of this Course : Students will demonstrate an understanding of the “components, structure and functioning of the Criminal Justice system in America,” including “crime victims, law enforcement, courts, corrections, probation, parole, community corrections and juvenile justice.” The majority of course time will help students demonstrate an understanding of “the failures of the system to provide equal justice to all people, especially women, children and people of culturally diverse backgrounds” -- SCSU Undergraduate Bulletin (2006-2008, p. 89). This course is MGM approved, and provides students majoring or minoring in Criminal
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CJS111 syllabus - SCSU Continuing Studies D2L-Based CJS 111...

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