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Unformatted text preview: -005 6.6270E-005 6.1380E-005 3.0314E-005 7.575E-005 7.1897E-005 5.7452E-005 2.8848E-005 7.179E-005 6.6749E-005 5.8265E-005 3.3642E-005 7.628E-005 7.6225E-005 5.4957E-005 0.000031953 7.212E-005 7.2379E-005 0.0000501 3.1582E-005 6.865E-005 6.7181E-005 0.00006067 3.7448E-005 7.251E-005 6.7707E-005 4.9848E-005 2.6862E-005 0.0001075 0.000109315 4.9154E-005 2.6680E-005 0.0001245 0.0001173334 0.000046552 2.6756E-005 0.000117 0.000110469 5.1942E-005 3.4241E-005 0.0001182 0.000112962 5.1293E-005 3.4932E-005 0.0001136 0.00010889 6.2816E-005 4.5438E-005 0.000123 0.000116413 5.9669E-005 4.3049E-005 0.000117 0.000110145 5.6684E-005 4.0331E-005 0.0001146 0.000102473 5.2616E-005 4.1004E-005 0.0001077 9.6265E-005 5.2345E-005 4.1524E-005 0.0001028 9.2027E-005 5.2556E-005 3.9158E-005 0.0001044 0.000086797 4.9415E-005 3.6846E-005 9.802E-005 8.1378E-005 0.000046725 3.2600E-005 9.229E-005 7.5426E-005 5.1247E-005 0.000038537 9.240E-005 7.6988E-005 4.8607E-005 3.7820E-005 8.679E-005 7.2139E-005 4.5752E-005 3.5109E-005 8.171E-005 0.000066888 0.000043276 3.3618E-005 7.764E-005 6.4779E-005 4.1739E-005 3.1471E-005 7.309E-005 6.0880E-005 3.9065E-005 2.7173E-005 6.869E-005 5.7014E-005 3.8708E-005 2.2698E-005 6.759E-005 4.9266E-005 4.2851E-005 2.9182E-005 6.980E-005 5.3914E-005 0.000040118 2.6012E-005 6.572E-005 5.1649E-005 3.7163E-005 2.5606E-005 6.347E-005 0.000044983 3.4907E-005 2.3694E-005 5.976E-005 4.3653E-005 4.6351E-005 2.5607E-005 6.429E-005 4.3032E-005 0.000044286 2.4040E-005 6.067E-005 4.0439E-005 4.0781E-005 2.2564E-005 5.949E-005 3.8109E-005 4.4892E-005 0.000013431 5.907E-005 3.2087E-005 4.2163E-005 1.3426E-005 5.549E-005 3.0941E-005 0.000039471 1.2504E-005 5.324E-005 2.9861E-005 0.000041265 1.1623E-005 5.620E-005 2.7875E-005 0.00004204 1.7571E-005 5.732E-005 0.000035384 4.0216E-005 1.7771E-005 5.386E-005 3.3223E-005 0.000042064 1.7122E-005 5.213E-005 3.1377E-005 4.2717E-005 1.0884E-005 5.141E-005 2.5542E-005 3.9783E-005 1.0886E-005 4.870E-005 2.3349E-005 3.8042E-005 0.000008678 4.624E-005 2.0830E-005 0.000033312 8.5825E-006 4.391E-005 1.9504E-005 3.1241E-005 8.1509E-006 4.154E-005 1.8020E-005 3.3737E-005 5.6512E-006 4.596E-005 1.3759E-005 3.1824E-005 0.000004766 4.327E-005 0.000012599 0.000029915 0.000004389 4.068E-005 9.9276E-006 0.000027803 4.0358E-006 3.869E-005 9.4581E-006 3.0539E-005 3.9662E-006 4.180E-005 9.1035E-006 2.9155E-005 1.2812E-007 3.936E-005 7.9891E-006 2.7394E-005 8.0407E-007 3.694E-005 1.1108E-005 2.4585E-005 -1.6094E-006 3.482E-005 1.0632E-005 2.2864E-005 -1.9042E-006 3.453E-005 1.2861E-005 2.3365E-005 -9.6128E-007 3.772E-005 0.00001442 2.1716E-005 -8.7443E-007 3.623E-005 1.3463E-005 2.3150E-005 -2.4086E-006 3.623E-005 1.1395E-005 3.1248E-005 -1.8555E-006 5.056E-005 1.1422E-005 0.00004233 -2.3559E-006 4.989E-005 1.0625E-005 3.8919E-005 -1.3048E-005 4.690E-005 9.9872E-006 3.6608E-005 -0.000012257 4.964E-005 1.1181E-005 3.8511E-005 -9.1258E-006 4.970E-005 1.2285E-005 4.1377E-005 -9.9177E-006 4.892E-005 1.0977E-005 4.4941E-005 -7.3608E-006 6.171E-005 1.5419...
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